2020: The Year of New Wedding Traditions

2020: The Year of New Wedding Traditions'

By: Audrey Grounds

2020 has been a year of uncertainties and upset expectations, which has forced everyone to evaluate every aspect of their life, work and play, but the wedding and events industry is one sector that I have seen disrupted first hand. I have witnessed so many disappointed brides push back their wedding two to three times until they finally just cancel and go to the courthouse to get married.

That being said, 2020 has also been a year of perseverance, creativity and understanding for engaged couples while planning their wedding. At Rococo, we have enjoyed working with our brides to see all the creative ways in which they have embraced this year of COVID-19 along with all the new regulations and mandates. Some of our favorite items and ideas…

  • “Stay safe” welcome baskets as guests arrive into town
  • Sanitizing or hand washing stations at the wedding for increased cleanliness
  • Customized masks for guests and posing with them to commemorate this year
  • Social distance wrist bands (an extremely popular trend) in which the guests choose a colored band to demonstrate their level of comfort with interaction. For instance, a greenwrist band represents “let’s hug it out” while a red wrist band could represent “stay six feet away.”
  • Drive-in and tailgate weddings: Brides are surprising us with innovative wedding ideas, such as drive-in and tailgate weddings, to provide enhanced safety measures for themselves and guests with a more socially distanced concept.
  • Brides have gone beyond just a live streamed wedding and have created multi-day weddings (breaking up the guest list between various events) or shift weddings (where the guest list is broken up by time periods). By breaking up these large weddings, the couple actually is able to spend more time with their guests than they would at a regular wedding.

With smaller, more intimate (micro) weddings becoming the new trend, couples have been able to truly soak in their first moments of being a married couple with those they love and cherish most. Smaller guests lists have led to reduced stress, upgrades in food and beverage packages and adding additional details to their evening such musicians, photo booths, horse drawn carriages or yachts due to an increase in budget availabilty.

If you were to ask me my favorite part of 2020 weddings, it would be seeing the newlyweds glow on thier wedding day once all their weeks/months of changed plans are more perfect than they could ever have imagined.

I look forward to meeting all of our future brides!