Our Concept

We envisioned a steakhouse unlike any other. A revolutionary steakhouse, in both cuisine and design, which would challenge the strict traditions of American steakhouses. The result is Rococo Steak.
18th century Europe was engulfed by Baroque – a strict, symmetrical, grandiose style that had run its course over two hundred years.  The artistic answer was Rococo.

Primarily developed in Paris, with roots in Rome, Rococo artists revolted with lighter, asymmetrical, curvy, intimate and more playful themes.  Similarly, Rococo Steak is a modern departure from the traditional steakhouse.  The menu offers unique grass-fed options, more playful appetizers, and craveable side dishes.  The design conveys intimacy and sensuality, yet provides a spirited atmosphere for socializing.

Although named after an artistic movement centuries old and housed in a historical 1920s brick building, Rococo Steak is entirely new.


Grass Fed Cattle

Rococo Steak is proud to offer both corn-fed and grass-fed steak options.


Our Art

Rococo Steak is rooted in art. We have partnered with the magnificent art community of St. Petersburg to provide diners a unique and locally-infused artistic atmosphere.




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