The Perfect Cocktail Deserves the Perfect Ice

The Perfect Cocktail Deserves the Perfect Ice'

The craft cocktail scene has never been as hot as it is now. But there’s more to craft cocktails than just the ingredients. The type of ice used for cocktails can change the way a drink tastes. There is a science to using the perfect cube and Dave Madera, Director of Operations at Caledon Concepts (Rococo Steak, Che Lounge and all three Ceviche locations) has the latest on how ice can play a big role in your drink.


Large cubes are best served with an Old Fashioned or other rocks drink. Home connoisseurs can use special silicone molds in cube or sphere shapes to get that high-end bar feel. The larger spheres melt slower and are less likely to interfere with the composition of ingredients in cocktails.


Some creative cocktails are taking ice to the next level. Rococo Steak has a maple infused ice cube that is designed to melt slowly and add to the flavor of the drink as it melts. Other specialty ice, such as dry ice, can add drama and fun to a cocktail.


Many people saw pellet ice at the Kentucky Derby. Mint juleps and tiki style cocktails are typically fashioned with pellet ice. The pellet ice melts quickly, but since the cocktails that call for the tiny ice cubes usually have a high concentration of spirits, they are not harmed by more dilution.
Rococo Steak is serving cocktails with dry ice, flavored ice cubes and more. Next time you visit Rococo Steak, be sure to test out some of our newest cocktails and their accompanying ice.